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(*note: The site is brand new, thus it has very limited content. But I wanted to let you start to visit as soon as possible because I believe this information is important and life-changing. I’ll be adding more reasons to be a vegan very frequently, so stay tuned and visit often.)

Among the two main dietary schools of thought, pro-vegan and anti-vegan, there remains a large amount of discussion about the health benefits and risks associated with a vegan, plant-based diet. A lot of the debate is not based on facts or science, but rather on hunches, suspicion, tradition and even simple stubbornness. The aim of TheReasonsToBeAVegan is to provide you with information and resources on the truth about living a vegan lifestyle. And while there are two main views on what it means to be a true vegan, I will be discussing it primarily from the perspective of health and nutrition, though that doesn’t exclude ethical and environmental reasons.reasons to be a vegan

Of all the reasons to be a vegan, none is so compelling to me as the health benefits you can reap as a result of choosing a vegan diet, also known as a plant-based diet. So, what are some of these benefits? Some of the benefits don’t even require scientific evidence, and are probably obvious to you since you’ve found this website.

Beneficial Reasons To Be A Vegan:

  • less fat in the diet
  • more fiber in the diet
  • more vitamins in the diet
  • decreased blood cholesterol (plant-based foods contain very little cholesterol – approximately 1-5% that of animal-based foods)
  • “regularity”
  • normalized body weight (and I can attest to that. I lost 14 pounds in 45 days when I became vegan, and I was already vegetarian to begin with.)
  • even reduced medical expenses

Despite the name on the website, I’m not here to convince you to be vegan. That, of course, is your choice. I have personally found so many reasons to be a vegan I could do no else than to change myself and share what I have learned with you. In fact, when I first decided to eat a plant-based diet I didn’t even think about the term vegan at all. That didn’t dawn on me till some months later. The Reasons To Be A Vegan website is simply here to assist you in your own education and answer questions about the reasons to be a vegan at all. I know you must have a lot of questions. Why bother? Haven’t people been eating animal foods for thousands of years? Where will I get my protein? What about vitamin B12? These are all excellent questions that need to be asked, and answered.

Reasons To Be A Vegan Explorer

As we move forward on this journey, here are some of the exciting topics we will explore together at The Reasons To Be A Vegan:

It is my hope that you will find many realistic, fact-based reasons to be a vegan during your visit and that you will enjoy enlightenment and encouragement for the path ahead.

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